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Sunday, Jan. 30, 2005 - 10:31 p.m.

For any of you who care to know...

So, today has been very interesting to say the least, but its all work related, which is boring as hell, so no need to elaborate... Instead, I'll take a stupid quiz and forget how much I hate my job:
1. What time is it: 10:37 p.m.
2. Real name: Wendy Marie Becker
3. Nick names: Wen, double-u (W), Ms. Wendy
4. Where do you live: Providence, RI
5. Do you like it there: I'm from Colorado... NO
6. Your b-day and sign: June 19, 1974/Gemini
7. Eye color: Green
8. Hair color: Red
9. What are you wearing: Still in my work uniform (sad...)
10. Any future goals and aspirations: Not after working 12 hours and sitting through an hour long employee meeting

11. Pets: Four cats
12. Any belly button lint: Not that I can see, but I'm neurotic, I clean my naval with a q-tip and peroxide
13. Tattoos: 13 of them, which is kinda funny cuz this is question #13
14. Piercing: naval, both tregus, 11 in the ears
15. Toe jam: I have the most funky toes on the face of the planet... seriously I could kill a rhino with the shit on my feet
16. BF/GF: Engaged
17. Car: '96 Dodge Stratus
18. Food with you: Diet Coke and a half eaten Snickers
19. Siblings: one older sister, one younger sister and a younger brother
20. Sex toys: that I'll admit to?
21: Fuzzy toys: I have four cats, I don't need anymore furry things in bed with me.
22. Children's toys: I have the game Operation that I bought as an adult because it was denied me as a child. I also play video games to the point of zombie-ism
23. Hideous warts that resemble Bob Barker: Once, but they have awesome wart removers now, so you don't have to go to the Dr's to freeze them off, you can torture yourself in the comfort of your own home.
24. Any crushes: Not at the moment...

24. Like surveys: I am a Harris Poll whore
25. Conform: In the fact that normal is boring and weird just isn't enough?? NO, not on purpose
26. Sleep with stuffed animals: Sleep with cats and a rather furry man, but nothing stuffed, unless said furry man has just eaten and gone to bed.
27. Scream often: Not often enough, I probably wouldn't smoke as much if I screamed more
28. Talk to inanimate objects: I'm talking to the computer right now
29. Know what RHPS stands for: Rocky Horror Picture Show
30. Like sleep: As much as I love it, it eludes me on a nightly basis.
31. Punched someone in the gut: Only once... never again, she ended up in the hospital, cuz it didn't end with just her gut...
32. Pick your friend's noses: Not without a tissue first.
33. Like porno: Anime Porn... Does that count?
34. Hate the Olsen twins: Don't give it enough thought to muster up "hate"
35. Eaten plastic: Not on purpose
36. Had sex with the same sex: A couple times, threesomes can be fun...
37. Had sex with the opposite sex: um... yes
38. Had sex with inanimate objects: um... yes
39. Regretted saying something: I am the foot in mouth queen
40. Been in love: Yes
41. Chewed on a pen so long that ink leaked in your mouth: Yes, yes I have...
42. Skinny-dipped: Yes... its very liberating... boobs float, its cool.
43. Prostituted yourself: No, but I've been propositioned... $200, cheap bastard.
44. Played a musical instrument: Piano
45. Called some one a Nazi: Not to his face, but my boss, which is horrible cuz he's Jewish
46. Mooned anyone: No, but I recall some titty flashing in my past...
47. Dressed in drag: I did for this past Halloween, tophat vested coat and don't forget the fangs...
48. Passed out: From being drunk, I can't remember... I was drunk. Fainted/Passed out? 3 times, in the shower, luckily I had someone in there with me to catch me.
49. Wrecked a car: No, but I've been in a car when someone else wrecked it.
50. Gotten into a fight: Yes
51. Visited a porn site: Curiousity killed the pussy cat
52. Had cyber sex: Heheheehee
53. Questioned your religious beliefs: For a period of self discovery
54. Played with treasure trolls: I've played with treasure trails...
55. Seen a fairy: I know one...
57. Coated your entire body in jello: Not that I remember, probably not, I'm allergic to everything... probably get a rash

58. Beverage: Diet Coke
59. Food: Polish Keilbasa and Perogies
60. Candy: Snickers
61. Shoe: I hate shoes, I'm all socks, as often as I can
62. Car: I must admit, VW Bugs are wicked hot
63. Deodorant: Dove
64. Newspaper: Bleh...
65. Comic: I saw a guy named Brad Maestrello (which probably isn't spelled right) so damn funny, so is Ron White.
66. Info commercial: Anything about kitchen appliances... they are so funny
67. Animal: Frogs
68. Flower: Sunflowers
69. Band: I can only pick one??? Ok Guster
70. CD: Lost and Gone Forever -Guster
73. Color: Green
74. Flavor of ice cream: Anything that doesn't make my lactose intolerant ass vomit 10 minutes after eating
75. Movie: Willow
76. Cartoon: Aqua Teen Hunger Force
77. Phrase or saying: Ignore me, I have the memory of a goldfish
78. Month: May
79. Activity: Chain smoking, sitting on the couch playing anything Zelda related for 3 days straight
80. Place to be: Seriously, home... there's evil "out there"
81. Weather: I love rain showers
82. Body part: Brain
83. Book: The Mummy or Ramses the Damned / Anne Rice
84. Vegetable: Green Beans or Corn
85. Piece of jewelry: Anything I have with Sapphires in it.
86. Thing to watch people do: When a cell phone rings, everyone hunts for their phone to see if its theirs ringing.
87. Website: Orisinal : Morning Sunshine Cutest Games on the face of the planet
88. Radio station: Whatever has a song I want to hear playing
89. Store: Sanrio
90. Play/Musical: Rent
91. Thing about you: I'm am ultra vain about my hair... which is so sad cuz I have to wear it in a bun everyday, so that has become a norm. I rarely wear it down anymore because it has actually become annoying to have it around my face. That and I have a tendancy to get it in my mouth if I'm eating and its down.

92. Innie or Outie: Kinda both, I have a swirl thats kinda poking out, but innie enough that I got it pierced.
93. Croûtons or bacon bits: Croûtons (what the hell is over the U??) Since when does crouton have an accent?
94. Rain or Sun: Rain
95. Sandals or Shoes: Socks
96. Good or Bad: Depends on what we're talking about...
97. Lazy or Active: I'm proned to be lazy, I just can't be as lazy as I'd like to be.
98. Me or You: eh?
99. Reality or Illusion: I get too much reality forced down my throat all day, I'll take a little illusion every once in awhile.
101. Cats or Dogs: If I lived in Asia, I'd eat dogs, I hate them so much
102. Fish or Ferrets: I've had both, at the same time. 55 gallon aquarium and 3 tiered ferret habitat.
103. Prom or Morp: eh?
104. Lust or Love: Love is whats left when the lust is gone...
105. Tape or Glue: How about a nail gun?

106. Take a shower: Oh is that what that thing in the bathroom with the curtain is for?
107. Brush your teeth: I have a toothbrush in the shower and one in the medicine cabinet, so everytime I shower and usually twice a day.
108. Eat dog food: I've eaten Ferret yogurt treats and I've been tempted to try 9Lives Beef and Gravy cat food, but NEVER dog food.
109. Check the mail? I have AOL... it tells me when I have mail.
110. Trim your nose hairs: I don't trim, I pluck... hehee
111. Do homework: Lets switch that... Work at home: EVERY DAMN DAY cheap nazi jewish bastard.....
112. Read: When I can... I really do like to read a good book now and then.
113. Commit hell worthy sins: Not often enough I think, people think I'm "nice" Little do they know.
114. Commit acts of kindness: All the time, thats why people think I'm "nice"... dammit
115. Tell people you love them: Every chance I get, I don't ever know if I'll get the chance again
116. Eat celery: Only that one time I was trying to be anorexic... oh thats evil... I would only eat celery if it was smothered in peanut butter and maybe some cream cheese and not that fat free shit either.
117. Wear a hat: Every fucking day at work, thanks for reminding me...
118. Dance: Well, I have a "happy" dance and a "pee pee" dance and a "that kinda hurt when I stubbed my toe" dance and my best dance "wendy couldn't be more fucking white" dance.
119. Sing: Every day, especially when someone else is singing and I want to show them how much they suck at it. (sorry that was evil too)
120. Purposely vomit: I don't have to purposely do that, my stomach hates me enough to do it for me.

121. Embarrassed you've ever been: Came back from the bathroom, in a nice restaurant, with my skirt tucked up in my underwear, and had walked all the way through the dining room to get back to my seat, at which time I went to smooth my skirt under my butt and felt skin and underwear. And then a lady got up from across the dining room and came over and said "It wasn't that bad, you're skirt was folded over so it only showed the backs of your thighs" trying to make me feel better, but what she didn't know was I had been on my period and had leaked blood on my underwear. I wanted to be shot right then and there... Beat that Bitch.
122. Scared you've ever been: When a drunk guy broke into my apartment and chased me into my bathroom and tried to break down the door (and did break the door frame) and I had to brace myself against the door and the toilet to keep him out... when my roommate came home he had passed out in her bed, the cops came and took him away. He had been released that morning from jail for domestic violence against his girlfriend.
123. Happiest you've ever been: Just this past Christmas, making Peanut Butter cookies for my dad. I hadn't spent Christmas with him in over 12 years.
124. Saddest you've ever been: Maybe when I tried to kill myself... kinda have to be really sad to do that.
125. Craziest you've ever been: When I tried to kill myself, Crazy or Stupid, you choose.
126. Stupidest you've ever been: This is getting redundant...

127. Licks does it take you to get to the center of a tootsie pop: I'm really really bad about hard candies... I eventually just bite and crunch them up. Throat lozenges and Cough Drops, too. Can't help it.
128. Times have you failed tests: Geometry=Retard Wendy
129. Shots of whiskey would it take to get you drunk: I hurt people when I drink Whiskey... it wouldn't take much.
130. Gallons of water do you waste a day: I try not to, I usually turn off the water when I'm brushing my teeth, but I don't think I do when I'm washing my face.
131. Cows had to die to feed you: Maybe the leg of a cow... now Pigs, line those babies up.
132. Babies will you plague the world with: One
133. Push ups and sit ups can you do before vomiting: eh... remember the lazy questions... thats why I'm lazy.
134. Hours of TV do you watch a week: Lots and Lots and Lots... I have the shows I watch every week, even if I have to tape them.
135. Hours a week do you spend on the computer: Whatevers left after work and TV (who needs to bathe?) hehee
136. How many meals per day: If I'm lucky, 3
137. Times have you had sex: Are you serious? If my mom is reading this: None
138. Sex partners have you had: See last answer hehee
139. People have you pissed off your entire life: we won't go there... I have a knack.

140. Gone without a shower: 8 days with one shower, but who showers when they're camping?
141. Sat and watched TV: While playing a video game? maybe close to 3 days, TV watching is close to 8 hours.
142. Slept: 12-14 after playing said video game for three days
143. Read: I can sit and read a whole book at a time... I absorb them.
144. Been sick: 6 months, I had mono.
145. Walked: Before I got my car I walked everywhere, not that I measured the distance, but it felt far.
146. Ran: I haven't run since 6th grade gym.
147. Ate: Maybe a meal like Thanksgiving dinner, where you sit around talking and enjoying the company of each other, but I usually eat really fast cuz I always have something I have to do right after (ie. work break)
148. Sat around staring, with nothing else to do: I only do that if I'm depressed, I don't like doing that...

149. How many best friends do you have: All my true friends are the best kind of friend.
150. Who knows the most about you: Kasey
151. Who hangs out with you the most: People I work with... I'm with them everyday
152. Who is the goofiest: Kelly
153. The smartest: Krisse
154. The wittiest: Tracy
155. Most courageous: Josh
156. Most obsessed with something: Joe and his DVD's
157. Easily fascinated: maybe me, I like to learn new things and its the little things that people don't think about that fascinate me.
158. Funniest when they are drunk: Marissa
159. Cheer you up: Krisse P
160. Most talkative: Vanessa
161. Most popular: what am I in Junior High again... jeez
162. Most feminine: Damaris
163. Most masculine: Rafeal
164. Best to walk and talk with: when I did walk, Karen
165. Who do you miss the most at the moment: my Mom

166. Porcupines are the only other animals besides humans that masturbate: Chimpanzees do too and on occasion, my pervert cat.
167. Dolphins are the only other mammals that have sex for pleasure?: I've seen orangutans at the zoo going at it for the pleasure of the humans watching
168. Heinz 57 was a number chosen from an elevator panel: I don't think so...

169. Best eye color: Green/Blue
170. Tall or short: Tall (my ex is 6'10) no, that's not a typo
171. Skinny or Built: Bigger, muscle-ly no-neck not necessary
172. Pale or Tan: Anything a shade darker than me (I could light up a dark night, I'm so white)
173. Hairy or Smooth: I don't mind as long as its not shaved smooth or they don't look like they're wearing a sweater when naked.
174. Big or Dainty hands: BIG, no option.
175. Best conversation subject: Anything that allows for good conversation (ie: more than one word comments and answers)
176. Religion: As long as animal sacrifice isn't involved, I'm all good.
177. Outgoing or Not: Needs to be a little outgoing, but not to the point they need a muzzle.
178. Hair color: Not really a deciding factor, but I am attracted to longer hair.
179. Athletic, Artsy, or Intelligent: Intelligent
180. Describe a brief statement of your perfect mate: My brain is mash potatoes right now from this damn long quiz and you expect me to make a comment about my soul mate? Bleh on you...
181. Does God exist: I have faith
182. Does life have purpose: Sometimes I wonder, but then work ends and I get to go home.
183. How strongly is society based on looks: Way too much!!!
184. What will you do when this is over: Eat a few aspirin
185. Did you enjoy this survey at all: At the begining. now I'm feeling evil and mean.
186. Are you glad its over: YES
187. What time is it: 12:33PM (I think I fell asleep for a little bit... damn that took two hours)

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