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Wednesday, Nov. 02, 2005 - 9:08 p.m.

What's the point of living, if all I do is work???

Oh, that was so melodramatic... hehehe

I figured I had better check in and let everybody know I wasn't dead. I'm still really enjoying work and loving the people I work with. In fact, we all get together at least twice a week and have a kick ass time hanging out and drinking and laughing our asses off. Life has been really good lately.

Except for work and drinking with friends, I'm not really doing anything all that constructive. I've reverted back to 22 again. The hedonistic, debauchery that is an alcoholic 22 year old. I'm not having a mid-life crisis or anything, its just the people I've been hanging out with are in their mid 20's. So, when in Rome, I guess. I even had a 21 year old tell me I was "hot." Talk about an ego boost... considering I'm 10 years older. Oh, if only I wasn't married... HAHAHA

My relationship with RD (the general manager) fluctuates between absolute loathing to mutual toleration. He still bugs the shit out of me, and I hate working on the same shifts as him because of the whole "no break" thing, but its actually better right now than it has been in a long while. He still needs to get laid though!

I'm going to try to make a conscious effort to get some pictures to post of myself (man, I'm vain) to show my weight loss. I still have an aversion to the camera, even though I'm no longer 265 pounds. So, sit tight. I keep having to remind myself that I'm now a size 14 and not a size 24.
Just a side story... My favorite place to buy clothes is Lane Bryant. They sell plus size clothes starting at size 14, but they run larger. So, technically a size 14 in really a 16. Well, I can no longer find fitted clothes there that fit properly, and the last time JQ and I went there I left empty handed. He looked at me and said, "Now, you get to shop in normal clothes stores." As much as I'm glad for the weight loss, that comment kinda burned me up. It's like he was saying I wasn't normal before. Its unfortunate that the world expects us to be a certain shape and a certain size to be "normal." Screw that! I'm just me... and by the world's standards, I'm still over weight. I'd have to lose another 70 pounds to be my "ideal" weight. But I like my curves and my hips. Who wants to be a walking skeleton?!? I don't ever want to ever see my rib cage or my shoulder blades sticking out my back or have my hip bones be the only thing holding up my pants. We're women! Love your curves!

Love yourself!

I found some before and after pictures. These were taken on Halloween in 2004:

And this was taken just a few days ago while I was in Aurora with my little sis at a pumpkin patch.

What the cats are doing: Winter is creeping up on us, they're some place warm, sleeping.

What I should be doing right now: Paying my bills.

How much weight I' ve lost:

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days gone by - days yet to be