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Sunday, Aug. 21, 2005 - 7:48 p.m.

Am I more than you bargained for yet?

I flat out asked RD if he wanted me at this store.
OK, lets back track 2 days... I was told I was actually staying in the store I've been in for the past 6 weeks, the one I really, really, really want to stay in. And even though I already had a schedule for the "new" store, I was told I would be here for a while. Great news, couldn't have been more ecstatic, did a little happy dance, even. But what does RD do the very next day... call the Owner to make sure I was supposed to stay, and hadn't even added me to the schedule for next week, even though the Owner told him yes, undeniably, I was staying. So, I had to go in on my day off to get my schedule, because I guess RD figured if he waited long enough to give me hours, the Owner would call and say, "Oh don't worry about it, I was just fucking with you... She's not really staying..." Douche BAG!!! So... I asked RD if he wanted me in this store or not. That it was very apparent by his lack of enthusiasm, that the Owner's change of plans threw a wrench in the works of all things RD. His response? "It'll help to have another manager, since we're short handed..."

Once again, DOUCHE BAG!!!

But you know what, I really don't care. I am so happy to be in this store, with this crew, and the other managers! Too bad if he's intimidated by me. Grow some balls for fuck sake! I've done nothing to make you feel like that! I've done everything asked of me, and more so. All the crew love me, and I adore all the crew. So, what is the deal!!!

Actually, I lied. There are a few people that don't like me very much, but its only because I've asked them... TO WORK!!! Two that I know of. The old guy that works in the dining room, that flat out ignores me and told the "morning ladies" his doctor told him to stay away from me, because I'm gonna give him a heart attack, because I stress him out so much.
I'm so sorry, you fuck tard, that cleaning windows is such a fucking stress!"
And this girl that is the most annoying human being I have ever met. And thank God I'm not the only one that thinks so, or when I say mean shit to her, I'd look really awful. One guy that works with her, on a daily basis, says, "Shut the fuck up, (her name)" and whenever any of us want to say that, we look at Keg (his real nickname) and tell him to say it again. She whistles to herself, and sings to herself, and talks to herself until you want to explode. And no matter how many times I've told her, as nicely as I can, that its really, super annoying, she just won't stop. I've turned the radio off on her, trying to get her to stop singing, I've told her, her voice is the equivalent of a dog whistle to humans, and she just doesn't get it. I will not be upset when she goes back to school and I won't have to work with her that often.

But besides those two, and no one really likes them either, I don't have a problem with anyone. And as far as I know, no one else has a problem with me. I could understand RD's animosity if I had come in there and was a total bitch to everyone. Or tried to take control of his store, but I just played along, did my job, and fit myself right into the flow of things. We shall see how bad things get before they get better.

Did I mention, when RD gets mad at me, he won't talk to me. HAHAHAHA He's so pathetic. I force him to talk to me. I ask him questions that he has to answer, because he tries to make it not obvious that he's doing it. He wouldn't want to look like a bad GM, would he? So pathetic... He so needs to get laid.

What the cats are doing: We switched the computer to the spare room and painted the computer room... they want in the closed door.

What I should be doing right now: Making dinner.

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